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When I was 12 years old, I went to school 2 hours away from home and started to live in a boarding house. I had to learn to budget my allowance or else I won’t have food to eat and have to sleep off my hunger. The same can be said for Daddy Bunny. He lived with his aunt when he started high school and learned to be independent at a young age. Looking back, these situations helped mold what we are today. We learned how to tend to ourselves and in Filipino colloquial term, “dumiskarte sa buhay”. 

It may not be surprising then that our daughter wants to be independent too- maybe not to the point that she sleeps off her hunger but enough for her to get by in life and teach her to be tough. At an early age, Yui already displays her independent attitude.

At her Moving Up program: Eating by herself

At her Moving Up program: Eating by herself

Ever since she started eating solids, she would always want to eat by herself. We let her be since it will help her motor skills when handling the food and utensils. Like I said, she will not sleep off her hunger like what I did in my early days. Whenever she feels hungry, she would just go grab a plate and then find food to eat at the table. The good thing is she would always ask first if the food is okay to eat. One time, I cooked pancit canton and gave some to her as merienda. After a few minutes, I noticed that she’s already eating another serving. She got the food on her own.

Now that she’s bigger, we stopped using her potty and she started using the adult potty. Recently, she does not want us to hold her when using the potty since she can already reach it by herself. She keeps mentioning that she’s a big girl already. She always say this when she wants to do things on her own.

One of the highlights of my Christmas holiday was when we went to the mall with her cousins. As we were going home, I told her that we will be riding with daddy but she insisted on riding with her cousins in the other car. I kept telling her that I won’t be there with her and asking if she can make the ride without me. I’m just cautious since her aunt might panic when she starts crying for mommy and daddy in the middle of the ride home. She cried as we were walking and then in between her whimpers, she said “Mommy, I’m not crying because I want you to be with me. I’m crying because you won’t let me be by myself.” I looked at her dad and we agreed that maybe she is big enough to try it and that she probably won’t cry anymore if we’re not there. And she didn’t. 🙂

There are times that we shake our heads at how this little 3 yr old girl keeps demanding her independence but then again, as long as it won’t hurt her deliberately and will help her be an independent and smart lady in the future, we let her do it herself. It’s how we learned and it’s how she will too.

I'll hold your hand as long as you want me to. I'll be here for you even if you walk your own path.

I’ll hold your hand as long as you want me to. I’ll be here for you even if you walk your own path.

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