Fresh New Year

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This is a sore excuse of a blog, as I saw that the last entry I made was August of last year. I can’t believe how drastically my work life has changed since September. From a quiet, uneventful 9 working hours a day to a hectic, frantic 13-hour day. It has been tiring and my social (networking) life has been affected as well. Yeah, you can check my fb page and see that the activities dwindled too.

That’s why I was just so happy to be able to have that 2 weeks off during the holidays and recharge, bond with Yui and just be “domesticated”. Life can be simple and I missed that.

The new year will be more challenging at work (we plan to launch our new site soon and there are still a gazillion things to do), at home and with family. But I know we can conquer all of these and laugh at the challenges in the face. Ha!

Here’s to a bountiful and happier 2011. Cheers!!!

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