Motivation Week

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Two weeks ago, I had an extremely toxic week at work ending it with an unplanned weekend deployment. I wasn’t really looking forward to the coming week but then as I was cleaning up on Sunday night and preparing for the work week, I saw that Yui has written a quote on her little whiteboard that says:

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2016: Of Travels, Friendships, Family, and Spreading Happiness

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“Life is meant for Good Friends and Great Adventures”

As we bid goodbye to 2016, I look back at how the past year has brought me to awesome places and taught me life lessons along the way as I travel with friends and family. Lessons that honed me as a person, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a daughter, a mother, and so much more. Lessons that not only helped me but helped those dear to me as well.

January: Cebu

My first roadtrip of the year is to the South of Cebu as I joined in the birthday celebration of a dear friend. It was with a group of friends from my previous team in Cebu and this journey reminded me that it doesn’t mean that friendships end when we stop spending (working) time with each other. It was also the time when some of my new team mates joined the older group and a good opportunity to build new friendships as well.


Dalaguete road trip with Sasuke; Osmeña Peak sunset

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Knock knock…Who’s there?

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This might not be as funny as experiencing it first hand but I just had to chronicle for future reference. I still can’t stop laughing at Yui’s sense of humor. She really got me in her knock knock joke earlier so please bear with me as I share..

Scene: Yui and I doing some artwork on the floor when I saw the glitter glue

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

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I’m not really the type to write year-end posts on “the year that was” since I can’t find the words to sum up everything that happened and all the rollercoaster emotions I’ve been through in a year. I’ve started blog posts for several year-ends and then quit before I finish a paragraph. It’s just overwhelming.

I guess now that the weekly photo challenge is about my 2012 in pictures, I can finally have that year-end post that has eluded me for so long. This year has been one of the most challenging and emotional one for me and my family. But like they say, what does not kill me makes me stronger. So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of My 2012.


It may not be the best but it sure is still filled with memories and lessons learned. Now that 2013 is here, cheers to more challenges and fun memories! Happy New Year everybody!  🙂