Single Mom

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Yes, that’s what I jokingly call myself these days. Daddy bunny is in Japan for work and will be there for 3 weeks. It isn’t that long really, since I’ve been in Cebu last July for 2 weeks. And Yui doesn’t know how far away Japan is compared to Cebu. 🙂

It’s his first business trip ever given that all the other planned trips before didn’t push through (US, Canada and Italy). I’m really excited for him since we want to visit Japan someday. If I only have the moolah, I would go while he’s there too. Haha!

It’s so nice to hear Yui say “Japan” when asked where her dad is. When we went to Japan Home last Saturday, she asked “where’s daddy?” She probably thought her daddy is there because she heard Japan. It’s already a week after daddy left and I can see how Yui misses him. When we were at my in laws last weekend, Yui shouted “Daddy Eben!” when she saw her tito Joey (he does look like daddy bunny :)). She wouldn’t let go of her tito Joey the whole afternoon. She would also randomly say “daddy, come home tomorrow?” followed by “bring my toys and artwork” hehehe!

For a few more days, we will just rely on Skype and will just wait for his return before we can finally hug him again. 🙂

skypeYui took a picture of our Skype session last night.

Enjoying Eastwood

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I’ve never been so in love of my office location until now. Granted the GT Tower was probably the most “sosyal” building and was just a 20-minute walk from Glorietta and that Cybergate 3 was only a few steps from the MRT but Eastwood just feels the most homey and relaxed office I’ve been in. I can do more productive work here and the elevators are not as crappy as CG. It’s also a plus that hubby and I now go to work together and sometimes have dinner dates at the EW mall. But the best thing about the experience is that I can do a 30-45 minute brisk walking during lunch breaks. It feels good to walk about 1km during this short break in the day. I’m really enjoying this new office and hopes to be able to jog around the vicinity soon. 🙂

Moving East…wood

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The company offered seat movement to the new building at Eastwood. Since hubby’s office is at Eastwood, I grabbed the opportunity to move. I have to sacrifice lunch chikas with my friends (they don’t wanna move) in order to be closer to hubby and save a few pesos since he doesn’t have to drop me off at Pioneer every morning. We can also spend some date time at the Eastwood mall or cinemas. Yihee!!!

They said there are new bins at EW too. So that means I have to say buh-bye to my 7-year old bin – which moved with me from within different floors in GT and even to Cybergate. It’s nostalgic having to clean up my bin and transfer my stuff in a box in preparation for the move. You’ve been a good friend, bin! 🙂


On Changes

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They said there is nothing constant but change.

This is true especially now in our office. A lot of people has resigned and more than half of the team are new faces that I don’t recognize anymore. I can still remember about a few years ago, there are several people from the office who would be online in facebook every night and comment on each other’s status. Just making fun of each other and commenting on work issues. We started calling it the FB night club which grew up into a full blown “fan page” or a group page which we called ISOBO. There were times when every time someone would be having a birthday and we would secretly plan it — there are a lot of recipients in that e-mail. Me and my friend’s birthday are coming up and we were planning an outing for the group so we e-mailed them. And then it dawned on me…. there are only 4 people in the “To” field! I was like, “What happened!?!”

Everybody else resigned.

That is just too sad… This Monday will be the last day of one of my closest friends in the office. And it sucks. Good thing I’m on leave that day or else I might just cry.

I just keep telling myself…change is good….change is good…. and besides, these friends are still my friends even if we are working on different companies now, right? 🙂

start the week right…

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… With this edition of Things that make me smile 🙂

It was our first time to the E.R. We had to rush Yui at 2AM last Jan. 14 due to severe vomiting and we had to be admitted. After a few hours of medication, here she is — all smiles for the camera. As her titas said: “nagpanggap lang na may sakit”. It was of course horrifying to see your child sick but i’m just grateful that Yui’s immune system is strong and she fought the bacteria well.

My mom bought Yui a new coloring book when she was in the hospital. Daddy drew Yui in one of the pages and Yui reciprocated by also drawing her daddy on the other side of the page (those purple doodle on the left side, she calls it “daddy”) LOL!

water GAN. ’nuff said.

I seat by the window in our office but always had the blinds down because of the glare. One day a friend visited me, opened the blinds and took a picture of the clouds. I didn’t know I have a nice view of the Ortigas skyline. 🙂

I don’t think I would run out of pictures of Yui eating. It always make me smile to see her voracious appetite. Here she is having her Goldilocks Dulce de Leche dessert which she was enjoying immensely. She can have 2 servings in one seating. 🙂

And lastly, after all our hard work and late night work, we have released the new company website. I’m proud to be part of the team who worked on this site. This has been my project since I entered the company almost 7 years ago, but this by far is my most challenging task yet, in my most daring role. LOL!

Hello world,!

hoppy mommy… not happy

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I rode one of those hellish MRT rides coming to work this morning which, once again, made me want to quit my job. I kept thinking if all this stress is worth it. If working in my current company is actually worth rubbing elbows/shoulders/back/behind with sweaty commuters. What if I just quit and find work somewhere near our house? Will it make my life easier? Or maybe this is a sign for me to finally go after my life-long dream…