Travel Theme: New

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It’s 2013! It’s a new year! Woohoo!Β 

And what great way than to start the NEW year with the week’s travel theme. πŸ™‚

Life’s greatest travel is life itself. And while we make that constant traveling to find ourselves, we always discover something new about us and others. Here are some photos that represent “new” to me which were actually events that happened as the year 2012 is coming to an end. As they say, With Every End There Is A New Beginning. πŸ˜›

For 2013, Daddy Bunny wanted to learn a new instrument. And the bunny family all got an instrument when we went shopping for his violin.

Traveling Musicians: Goal for 2013

Traveling Musicians: Goal for 2013

During Yui’s Christmas Program, I was able to experience being a “ballet teacher”. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Ballet Teacher: Old dream. New experience.

Ballet Teacher: Old dream. New experience.

Last 2012, I was given the opportunity to handle a new team and with this forge new friendships.

New team. New friendships.

New team. New friendships.

I always believed in the saying, “The only thing permanent in this world is CHANGE.” And one thing I learned recently is that we are never too old to try something new.

Choosing Your Battles

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Whoever said that parenting is tough is spot on target. It’s a fulfilling job but it ain’t easy. Raising a child takes a lot of patience and requires some sense of humor through the process. With all the things that we need to teach our child such as independence, values, etc. I learned that it helps to choose our battles.

When faced with a head on collision with Yui and I feel that I’m about to lose it, I consider these three things:

1. Will she learn from this experience?

2. Won’t she hurt herself or others?

3. Won’t this conflict with other things we’re teaching her?

Sometimes it can be tricky but if the answer to all three questions is YES, then I’ll let her have that round. There were times when I’ve applied this to her:

When we went on a trip to Singapore, I had our clothes planned out carefully since we only have limited supply. The morning that we’re preparing for Universal Studios, Yui insisted to wear her pajamas. Since this will not hurt her and we even saved one clean outfit, I let her have it. She also learned that in this family it’s okay to make your own choices as long as you live with it. Besides, it was a Kai lan pajama and didn’t really look much like pjs at all.

Grocery shopping is really stressful for us since our very hyper daughter loves to run around. When she refuses to listen and is becoming very difficult to deal with, we bring her home immediately. There are times though that giving her options and allowing her to make decisions make the trip more bearable. When she wanted Fruit Loops but we wanted the local version Fruity Loops instead, we make her choose between the Fruit Loops’ bird or Fruity Loops’ monkey (the designs in the packages). That way we see it as a win-win situation. She got her cereal and we got to have a somewhat peaceful trip and the cheaper cereal alternative.

Sometimes it helps to have different tactics on hand when you go on (grocery) battle. Through these trips I learned when to fight it with her, when to be more gentle and when to be firm even if it means cutting our trip short.

Of Dogs and Dragons

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I’ve heard a lot of feedback from fellow dog officemates that 2012 is not a good year for us because dogs clash with the dragons. I’m not really a believer of feng shui but with all the things happening to me the past weeks, I’m amazed at how these predictions seem to fit. The start of the year has been such as rollercoaster ride for me and with too much stuff happening and emotional ups and downs, I can barely sit down and blog. Okay, that’s probably a sad excuse for my absence but I’ve got to blame my laziness on something, right? 2012 is just starting but I’ve experienced and learned so much in the past few days to probably get me through this lifetime.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned recently:

1. If you keep something inside you for so long, chances are you’re going to blow off pretty soon.

True, not just in your digestive system but also in relationships. If something bothers us and just keep mum about it, every small detail will annoy and disappoint us causing too much stress and an eventual emotional breakdown.

2. Misery loves company.

When everything was just going haywire, it seems that people around you are just having a lot of issues themselves. The good thing about this though is that by listening to other people’s experiences, you tend to put yours into perspective and see how important or miniscule your problem is. In the process, you not only help someone by being there for them, you also help yourself move on. As they say, happiness shared is happiness multiplied. Sadness shared is sadness divided.

3. Communication is key to every relationship.

As plants need water and sunshine to grow, relationships need communication and an open mind. No matter how tough it may be for any relationship, you’re sure to overcome every misunderstanding and issue with an open mind and an open discussion. If you are honest with your feelings and convey it in a respectful way, you are sure to get what you want out of the conversation. Be it all the hurtful details or an acceptable compromise to a situation, it will help you move forward. Open communication does not only mean a serious closed-door meeting with someone, it can also mean having a light talk on sensitive topics ensuring that you say what you feel and not jump into assumptions or conclusions.

4. Β Life sucks. Shit happens. Move on.

That’s just the reality of it so instead of harboring ill feelings, we should just take life in stride and look into a bright future ahead. There are far too many pleasant things that is bound to happen in our life, so one pitfall doesn’t mean the end of us.

5. Two is better than one.

In the end, no matter how hard life can be or no matter how many stones they throw at you, life will be so much bearable if you have someone to get through it. Someone to laugh at all these shit while you grumble. Someone to prepare your meal while you wallow in pain. And just someone to hold your hand while you go through hell.

One of my favorite quotes from my mom is “Life is how you make it.” So no matter how awful my 2012 predictions are, I’m still looking forward to changing all that and making it awesome-r than 2011. I will make it happen. I will make it happy. I will make it successful. I just will. Watch me πŸ™‚


On Respect…

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Recently, we would always hear Yui say “tenchu” whenever you hand her something, “sowi” if she bump into you and the latest “no, tenkyu” when you give her something she doesn’t like.

It sort of makes me proud to see my daughter show respect to others at this early age. Hopefully, we would be able to raise a happy and respectful child. Someone who will not be a nuisance to society. πŸ™‚

If only everybody especially the grown ups would show the same respect to others, then we might have a better world to live in. I guess we could all learn from little children once in a while. πŸ˜‰

2011… A fresh new start

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I’m not a fan of creating new year’s resolutions but I think I would make this year different by creating one. I was inspired by the planner that I got from Goldilocks where it had spaces for “Goals for the Year” so we wrote our family goals in it. I think I would write some of mine here.

This year I would:

1. Look at life in a more positive manner. I would try to be less grumpy and grouchy. So, good luck to me! πŸ™‚

2. Find more things to be grateful for and share them to the world.

3. Share more smiles to people.

4. Hug more. It’s free πŸ™‚

5. Be more patient.

6. Catch up with friends – old and new- more.

7. Be less “laitera” and try to look for more good things about people, our country, my work and the world.

8. Read more.

9. Ask more.

10. Start with myself so we can have world peace!