Driving 301

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My first attempt at driving was when I was in college. My dad taught me that time and I was traumatized to say the least. It takes so much effort and concentration to make it all work such as stepping on the clutch and gas properly at the right time and then top it with an impatient father. Needless to say, that first time driving practice never happened again.

Until a few months back.

One of our family’s goals for the year is for me to be able to learn how to drive. So one time I drove the car from daddy bunny’s ancestral house in Project 8 to the carwash a few blocks away. It consisted of only 3 turns and a few meters of driving but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?! I wasn’t at all confident at driving, daddy bunny had to drive back home. That was my second attempt and again, there were no follow ups.

When I learned that daddy bunny will be assigned onshore for a few weeks, I felt it was time to finally have the confidence to drive. This is it! It was my 3rd attempt. So we had several practice sessions this time around. It is still nerve-wracking and I am still frantic behind the steering wheel. My deadline has passed and I am nowhere to being independently driving in the near future. I guess I will have to take a cab while DB is away.

But as they say, third time’s a charm… so maybe in a few months I will be able to finally drive properly. I still have a few months left before the year ends, right? 🙂

Jeje Love

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During my last trip to Cebu, I had quite a few gay laughs. Proof that there really is fun, fun, fun everywhere.

While walking back to the office after a lunch out, we spotted two *seemingly* straight guys with their arms around each other. At some point, their free hands were intertwined – so they were like holding hands and making akbay while walking. It’s so gay, I couldn’t help taking a photo! 🙂

We were tinkering with the Samsung Galaxy Tabs in the Smart Bro kiosk at the airport because our flight home was delayed. I was exploring the tablet, checking if there are any games (there aren’t) but found this photo instead. It looks like it was downloaded from a fb account. Groovy!  F*** all Haters! Yeah. LOL!

The Good MMDA Officer

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On the way to the office today, an MMDA officer stopped our car along Gilmore to help a child cross the street. In our crazy country where corrupt officials roam the streets and our government agencies, it was very refreshing to see this man help the child. Makes me think that there are still good souls in our twisted world. 🙂

Things that Make Me Smile

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Guitars, Cars and Arcades are not just for boys…

yui plays guitar

Yui playing the new Cebu guitar that Kuya Arjay gave her looks so promising. Maybe we have another YUI in the making

cebu guitars

These guitar magnet and keychain from my team in Cebu never fails to make me smile

Panay Carwash

Panay Carwash: this carwash place in our street used to make us laugh with its funny name

Panay Hugas

… but this new carwash place is just hysterical! Panay Carwash then Panay Hugas… what’s next? 😀


little 2-year olds playing in the arcade makes me run and save more coins for tokens!

Food trip and Virgin Cars

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I’ve been having really bad headaches lately but there are still other things that make me smile and feel good inside 🙂

kwek-kwek at ice scramble

Kwek-kwek and Ice Scramble food trip with office friends always make me smile

pancake baker

Little chef in the making and pancakes for breakfast are my favorite Sunday things

little tie-side shirts

I saw these little tie-side shirts at SM Hypermart and I couldn’t help but smile, remembering the days when my little one was this small and delicate 🙂

Home of the VIRGIN CARS

Panalo sa tagline.

Goofy family and other knick knacks

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Today’s edition of things that make me smile…


Little girls in pink ponies make me smile

smiley hooksFunny smiley hooks make me smile and make me want to buy them all.

lampsLamps like these will surely keep all your fears of those monsters under your bed away

knobsWe just wanted to buy a door knob. And they had a “buy one take one” promo. Our reaction: “wala ba kayong door knob na hindi buy one take one?” haha! We even tried to find something without the promo but had to go home with the “free” door knob in the end.

buko pandanYui enjoying her Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan after a full dinner made me smile.

necklace daddyDaddies wearing their daughter’s necklace make me laugh out loud. 😀

Fresh New Year

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This is a sore excuse of a blog, as I saw that the last entry I made was August of last year. I can’t believe how drastically my work life has changed since September. From a quiet, uneventful 9 working hours a day to a hectic, frantic 13-hour day. It has been tiring and my social (networking) life has been affected as well. Yeah, you can check my fb page and see that the activities dwindled too.

That’s why I was just so happy to be able to have that 2 weeks off during the holidays and recharge, bond with Yui and just be “domesticated”. Life can be simple and I missed that.

The new year will be more challenging at work (we plan to launch our new site soon and there are still a gazillion things to do), at home and with family. But I know we can conquer all of these and laugh at the challenges in the face. Ha!

Here’s to a bountiful and happier 2011. Cheers!!!

Hello world!

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After 1 year, 1 month and 25 days, I finally was able to create this site as the official place to document my life as a mother and share my experiences, trials and happy moments. My firstborn is 13 months already so I missed to document some of her first year milestones here. They’re all in a journal which contains letters to Yui though so she will just read those when she’s all grown up.

Pardon the look and feel as the site is still under construction. 🙂