Dagdag Bawas Program

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Through the years, me and my closest office friends have grown so close to each other. We’ve seen ourselves grow in our careers, our families and even our weight.

Our project group recently launched a “Dagdag Bawas” program that will help people either lose or gain weight. There will be seminars for good diet and exercise, a structured program from certified gym instructors and other activities to help reach the goal.

We decided to join this program, primarily to lose our unwanted “baby fats”. It will also be a good step for my friend who’s getting married early next year so that she’ll be in her curvy shape on her big day. I’m excited to start this program and experience a different bonding session with my friends. We will need a lot of patience and sense of humor for this.

Let’s Get Physical

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I’ve always loved dancing and since I still cannot get rid of these postpartum weight, I thought of getting back in shape through dance. Good thing that my friend Ivy and I saw the ACTS Dance Academy online. The studio is located at GA Tower in EDSA and it’s just near our office (and the MRT) so I think it is the perfect opportunity to ACT and get in shape πŸ™‚

After two weeks of planning, I finally went today after office and attended the Hiphop Beginner open class. I enjoyed it a lot and plan to go back for the YP Dance Mix or Pilates class. Good luck on being fit, healthy and slim! haha! πŸ™‚


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For several weeks now, I’ve been having headache attacks which occurs mostly around lunch time. I don’t know what’s with lunch but I noticed it happening or starting during those hours. When I was out in a park, I attributed it to the heat but I noticed it attacks me even if I’m inside the office.

It would go away after a power nap but it got alarming when yesterday it still hurts even if I napped for 30 minutes already. I decided to go home, get some rest and see a doctor this weekend.

Hopefully, this is nothing serious…

P.S. I know most people would think that maybe Yui is an ate already, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. ;-p

This is the way to brush your teeth…

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I grew up with a mom who would always nag us to brush our teeth. As I became older, I learned to appreciate all her nagging since every time I visit the dentist he would say that I have good teeth. I didn’t experience any nightmare visits with the dentist and I also became paranoid with having good teeth. I guess it is because of this that I wanted my daughter to have good teeth as well. So when she turned 1 year old, I also nagged daddy bunny for us to bring her to the dentist already. It’s never too early to start taking care of one’s teeth right?

I searched for a pediatric dentist near us and found out about Dra. Claudette Raymundo of Tooth Kingdom in SM The Block. So I booked an appointment with her and wasn’t disappointed. The clinic has a lot of toys and Yui wasn’t bored while waiting for the dentist. She even kept on peeking inside to see what is going on. Dra. Claudette was good at handling Yui and very friendly. Our visit was quick but she was able to clean Yui’s teeth, apply the flouride to make her teeth stronger, provide tips and even gave Yui a “prize” for being so “cooperative”.Β  Even if I wasn’t able to use my health card, I would still bring Yui there since the clinic is very accessible and we found Dra. Claudette very good. And I would also recommend her to my friends. thumbs up