Life Skills You Learn from Minecraft

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I was never a hardcore gamer and would conservatively call myself a casual one at that. The only gaming accomplishment I’m most proud of is completing Diablo II in PSP a looooong time ago. Well, aside from getting 5 stars in Just Dance. Haha.

With this I would say that Yui’s Minecraft addiction and gaming skills didn’t come from me. But as a supportive mom, I’ve grown to love the game as well and by watching her play, I came to realize that there are actually life skills you can get from playing Minecraft.

1. Creativity and Imagination

Yui has built a number of houses, hospital, roller coasters, boats, rockets, the Garden of Love, and even an automated farm. All of which amazed me at how her imagination turned these into communities in her minecraft world. She’s learning not just building infrastructures but also other science-related stuff like gems, potions, biomes, etc. I like how the game uses the child’s creativity to teach certain concepts through play.

2. Patience

Buildings, boats, and other creations may take several days (minecraft days) to finish. It teaches the child that if they want to have something, they have to work hard and wait for it.

3. Goal-setting

Minecraft also teaches Yui to have goals. When playing in creative mode, she would have a vision as to what that world will look like and then slowly build it.

4. Teamwork

The multi-player mode allows for them to build teamwork and improve her relationships with others (usually her cousins). They would plan on what to create and then work together to finish their creation.

5. Delegation

In relation to number 4, the game has also taught Yui how to delegate tasks. During multi-player mode she would assign parts of the world for her cousin to create so that they can finish faster. They would also do the same to her which teaches her to accept tasks to achieve a common goal.

6. Resourcefulness

The game helped her be more resourceful. Whenever she wanted to build something, she knows how to find them in Youtube or Google. She’s also built things without tutorial, just by knowing the blocks available in the game. She made a trampoline with a slime block and magenta carpet. Just because she wanted a magenta trampoline.

7. Vocabulary building

Through play, Yui learned new words which she uses in our daily conversations. Not a lot of children, or even adults, would use the word parkour but this is now common in the household. She would describe the ingredients that she need for brewing her potions, talk about what happens in the nether, and if she would use an oak wood or birch wood to build her house.

These are some of the reasons why I support her gaming. As they say, everything in moderation. So as long as it’s not a hindrance to her studies, I’ll be a minecraft mom. She’s enjoying the last few days of minecraft madness before classes start and it’s back to weekend games. In the meantime, there’s still a few more days to learn new stuff. 😄

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