Juan Dela Crew (Yun oh!)

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For our department’s year-ender party last August, the theme was Street Dance Battle. Projects were formed into 6 groups and we had to joint forces with another project within the department.

The Street Dance Competition teaser

The Street Dance Competition teaser

Forming the dance group was not easy since some initial members backed out when we started practice, including me. I really wanted to join the dance crew but had previous engagement on the day of the competition so I had to back out. But I requested them to make a costume for me since it was just a shirt and I figured I could use it some other time. (Glad I made that choice!) 🙂

So the group was formed, and next they had to think of a group name and find a choreographer. We finally came up with JUAN DELA CREW (YUN OH!), a pun to a popular tv show here in the Philippines.

Juan Dela Crew (Yun oh!) Poster

Juan Dela Crew (Yun oh!) Poster

One of our group mates had a common friend choreographer who turned out to be quite a professional himself. His group won in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds and he choreographs celebrities performing in the popular Sunday variety show, ASAP.  So the 2-week training was intense for the team (one of our members even lost 10lbs from all the practices). They were staying at the office until 3AM just to finish the practices and also had to practice during the weekends.

Late Night Practice

Late Night Practice: Clock is at 12:50am

This was already around 2AM

This was already around 2AM

A sudden turn of events happened though when Manila and Northern Luzon was hit by a typhoon which caused my previous engagement to be cancelled. So I had a window of opportunity to join Juan Dela Crew! (and use the costume!) I was so happy. But at the same time nervous, because I had only 2 more days left for practice. And to add more pressure, I had to learn 2 dance routines (Hip hop and Lyrical) in those 2 nights. Which took the team 2 weeks to learn. Whew! Talk about PRESSURE.

On the day of the competition, everyone was hyped up and (feeling) ready for the battlegrounds. We were so excited, some went on a whole day leave others left the office after lunch. We were all complete at the venue around 4PM to do some final practice. It was such a high performing on stage and despite some missed steps in the routine, we were able to pull through and had such high confidence in our routine. As it turns out, our confidence helped boost our overall performance in the eyes of the audience.

With our choreographer - While waiting for the winners

With our choreographer – While waiting for the winners

Confidence beybeh

angas lang mga bradder

When the winners were called, we were all praying hard for the championship but still reminded ourselves not to be overconfident.

Praying for it

Praying for it

The 3rd place got some 70+% (sorry, I forgot the exact percentage!), the 2nd place got 80+% and then they finally announced the winner…. JUAN DELA CREW was declared champion of the Street Dance Competition and got a total of 90.4%!!!!!!!!!!!



It was pandemonium for us. haha! We literally owned the dance floor after that. It was opened until 12 midnight and we were the only ones left who kept on dancing until they turned on the lights and ushered us to go home. Haha!



For me, the best thing from this experience is the closeness that this group developed over those 2 weeks of late-night practice. People who I didn’t talk to before are now chummies. Even after the competition, we retained our communication and maintain a highly exciting and entertaining group chat over at FB and weChat. I’m so thankful to have met these guys and wishes that our future plans for more celebrations will push  through.



The S&M Girls

The S&M Girls

Here’s a video of our Hip Hop performance

JUAN DELA CREW! Awooooo! Awooooo!

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