Uniwide Warehouse Sale

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When I was little, we used to go to a Uniwide Warehouse Club to do groceries and find some quirky items. Sadly, most of the Uniwide stores in the metro are now gone. Today, I had a chance to revisit my childhood when my cousin brought me to a surviving Uniwide in the south. It was a very rundown building, the grocery is gone but the warehouse stuff are still there. This time I appreciated the quirky finds more. If not for an active little girl and the limited space at home, I would’ve bought some of those fun little mugs and pots.

Here are some of the cute stuff that are still being sold in the warehouse:

water dispenser

“Gift box” ceramic water dispenser: So cute but oh so heavy!



Teapots: they’ll be awesome for tea parties


tea cups

Tea cups: in fancy flower designs or piggy shapes



Mugs: cheap and colorful


tea pots

Rows and rows of piggy tea pots


coffee pot

Coffee pot: lots in asian designs like this


m&m mugs

M&M’s mugs: for collectors out there


It was fun looking at these goodies and it’s something that you can consider for gifts and when you want to decorate your homes. There are lots of interior decor items and kitchen utensils as well. I hope this warehouse will not be closing soon.

11 thoughts on “Uniwide Warehouse Sale

    • Hi Emma! Thanks for the nomination. I’ll try to get to it after I’ve done some work-related stuff that’s literally taken over my life as of the moment. I’m excited to answer your questions! 🙂

    • hi Che, this one’s along Alabang Zapote Road in Las Pinas, near Casimiro. Then I know the big one along Coastal (cor. Macapagal Ave.) is also still open. 🙂

      • hello!! your latest is really help me… because it been two days… where i can find Uniwide Warehouse Club… and it glad to know that Coastal Mall branch is still open…because i want to buy a per kilo toys.

    • Wow andami pa pala pero puro South! 😦 Wish they still have in the North. Para mas malapit for me. Thanks for the additional info, Leslie! 🙂

    • Hi Kathleen, hindi ko lang po sure ngayon kasi medyo matagal na ako last nakapunta doon. But I’m sure if wala na yung m&m’s, meron kang makikita na ibang super cute na mugs 🙂

  1. Hi. May I know if the Uniwide along Coastal is still open until now and if they are still selling stuff like these? My apolologies, because isn’t it just recently it was turned into a bus hub? Thanks

    • Ang sabi po sa akin open pa daw yung warehouse na nagbebenta ng mga ganito (though I haven’t been there personally). Mas malaki nga daw talaga yung sa coastal. I can just imagine ang dami ng good finds doon! 🙂

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