Of Bedtime Stories and Imagination

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Since last year, Yui developed a fascination on princesses. On their career day last year when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she adamantly blurted out “I want to be a princess!” Good thing she changed her mind the last minute (and became a doctor for the program), but the magic of princesses lived on.

As her vocabulary and imagination grows, our daily routines also get more exciting. Recently, we started making up our own bedtime stories and before I forget I’ll chronicle our latest story. Here goes…

The Princess in the Golden Castle

by: mommy bunny and Yui

Disney princess

Once upon a time, in a far far away place

There lived a princess named Princess Yui.

She lived in a golden castle (Yui insisted it to be a golden castle)

One day as she was playing outside the golden castle grounds,

She got lost in the woods, as there are a lot of trees around her.

She shouted “Help! Help! Somebody help me!”

But no one can hear her.

So she started to cry. And cry. And cry.

As her tears touched the ground, a fairy appeared.

The fairy asked her “Why are you crying Princess Yui?”

“Because I’m lost in this forest and I can’t go back to my golden castle” said Princess Yui.

The fairy smiled and said, “Don’t cry Princess Yui. I will help you”

And so the fairy led the way around the large trees

There were pixie dust trailing behind her as Princess Yui followed.

Soon they can see the golden castle ahead.

Princess Yui was so happy to see her golden castle.

She thanked the good fairy and went inside.

The End. πŸ™‚

Travel Theme: Foliage

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I received an invite from Ailsa for a travel theme on Foliage and decided to join in the fun. There’s nothing refreshing than seeing nature around us. Beautiful trees and flowers are rare in this city where I live so it’s always nice to see a different scenery.

When Daddy Bunny went on his trips, he got several shots of nature. Here are some of my favorite shots from his most recent trips.

Seeing this picture of the Meiji Shrine reminded me of the Japanese doramas I’ve watched and I can almost smell the fresh scent of the leaves all around.

Meiji Shrine, Japan

Meiji Shrine, Japan

Daddy bunny was in California just in time to see some great blooms. Out of all his shots, this is my favorite. The simple leaf with a heart shape brings some peace whenever I look at it. And also, you wouldn’t expect a simple plant box in the middle of the park to have this amazing “love plant”.

Leaves of Love

San Francisco, California, USA

Of course, nothing beats some local scenery. On our trip up north to Pangasinan, we passed by SCTEX and can’t help but basked in the beautiful landscape on both sides of the expressway. Sunset + rice fields = perfect moment πŸ™‚

SCTEX, Tarlac

SCTEX, Tarlac

Truly, images of nature at its finest will always make anyone feel good anytime of the day. πŸ™‚

Wake Me Up When September Ends

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That Green Day song has been playing over and over in my head the past month. If I could just curl up in my bed and let the days pass, I would have done that. But no, we must face life’s challenges and work’s stressful moments head on. One of the most visible impact of how busy I was at work last September was the lack of activity in this blog. A lot of things happened and despite the delay, I would still like to revisit how exciting and exhilarating September was for me.


I’ve been to Cebu twice in one month. On the first week of September, I was there for a year end outing with the team and also to meet the new people that will be joining our team. The first visit was just plain fun. Now the second one, at the last week of September, was all work. I was leaving the office at 11 pm earliest and even had to work at the hotel until the wee hours of the morning. That’s how toxic it was.

But of course, I would still prefer to remember the happy moments despite how so long ago it seem to be.

Costa De Leticia

Costa De Leticia at night. Peaceful and Pretty.

New faces

New faces. New team. New fun!


The bunnies recently acquired something that will add to the bunnies’ collection. And Daddy Bunny is the happiest. Super duper advance Happy Birthday, daddy B! πŸ™‚

Three Generations of Awesome

Three Generations of Awesome


We missed attending birthday parties and last September we experienced parties from both Jollibee and McDonald’s. The bunnies had a lot of fun on both parties and will reserve the verdict of which fast food chain throws the better party to ourselves πŸ˜‰

Wilber turns 1

Wilber turns ONE!

Deon turns 1

Deon turns ONE!


One of the highlights of my lowly September is the UAAP! I still can’t believe that my Tigers will be at the 2012 UAAP Finals! Too much excitement! Too much exclamation points! I bet you can feel the excitement in the air πŸ™‚

It’s gonna be Ateneo vs. UST in the finals, baybeh!


Well once I put things in perspective, September doesn’t seem so bad at all. Still, I’m just happy it’s over. Or, is it? πŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

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I’ve been very busy that I didn’t even notice the last photo challenge I did was outdated and not from last Friday’s. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this week’s delayed photo challenge: Mine.

There are a lot of things I’d like to call mine but this collection is the largest I have and one of my favorites. The ultimate goal is to be able to try cooking all of the recipes in these Yummy books. This is my Yummy cookbook collection, ready for all my experiments. πŸ™‚

My Yummy Cookbook Collection