Countdown to the Thirteenth: 5 Days

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The sun peeked a little bit this morning. We thought this is the start of good weather conditions but I spoke too soon. The downpour started again after lunch and now accompanied by thunder and lightning. Yikes!  The flood waters barely subsided and now it’s going to go up again. While rescue operations are happening, Filipinos worldwide are joining forces to help the victims of this calamity.

We can all help by donating supplies to the victims or through Red Cross. Twitter netizens are also helping out including  the #reliefPH and #rescuePH hashtags. Even Google has the Person Finder and Crisis Response project.

With all the flood water and rescue operations images all over social network sites, these images are the highlight of my day:

Recycled Rescue Boats

Recycled Rescue Boats: Less expensive than rubber boats and making good use of the main cause of this flood… trash.

Hopefully, PAG-ASA is right in saying that the rains will stop by tomorrow and that there will be good weather in the weekend. Only 5 days left until Daddy Bunny comes home…I’m hoping for sunshine when he lands in Philippine soil.

Pray for the Philippines

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