Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

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I’ve been travelling to Cebu for work for more than 2 years now and I always look forward to my trips. Apart from being able to visit different beach resorts such as in Camotes and Sumilon, I find the work environment more laid back compared to Manila. Despite business and I.T. parks booming within the city, there’s still this rural feel. For this week’s photo challenge, they described Urban photography as something about documenting urban living space and how people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa.

I initially thought of featuring our home, it being at the heart of Quezon City’s entertainment district, but decided to feature the city that I is close to my heart.

As I said, I still feel that I’m in the province whenever I visit Cebu even if there are a lot of malls, restaurants and business districts that  closely resembles it to Metro Manila. It is one of the factors that still draws me every time. This shot was taken while we were on a “city tour” with my team mates. The rural feel to this is apparent to the old buildings and trucks and jeepneys on the road. There’s no fancy SUVs. No high rise buildings.

To Mandaue City

One of our offices is located at the Cebu Business Park and the buildings blend gracefully with the grass and trees. Walking from the hotel to the office is such as breeze when you have a view like this.

Pioneer House

Cebu is really urbanized that even our company is still growing its presence in the area. Definitely a mark of how people and cities adapt to changes and demand of the businesses.

Be Greater Than

Future Blogger?

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Constantly amazed is an understatement when it comes to Yui’s daily antics. Her communication skills have increased tremendously and we can’t help but be pleasantly surprised with her sentences and grammar. “Who am I going to shower with?” was one of the things she recently mentioned that amazed us. Now, she also can articulate her feelings instead of just throwing a tantrum. To illustrate, a funny thing happened tonight while I was washing the dishes.


Yui saw that I tore one page from my notebook and since she wrote her name on that piece of paper, she was upset when she saw that I tore it out. Being that she was “typing” in notepad prior to seeing what I’ve done, she brought her attention back to the laptop upon getting mad at me. She was saying her thoughts out loud while typing and it goes something like this:


I’m mad at mommy because she tore my paper. I was behaving when I was at ate Danielle’s house. I did not hurt her. I’m mad at mommy.


Blogging her feelings

Okay, the first and last sentences were affirmation of how she was feeling at that moment. And I admired her for being able to express this out loud. The middle thoughts are just way out of the current topic. LOL! She was at Danielle’s this morning and promised us that she will just behave so we can leave her there alone. She might have remembered this when she was mad at me. I don’t know 😛


I took a look at what she typed and totally laughed when I saw it. Might this be a sign that Yui got the blogging genes as well? 🙂

Yui's "blog"

Yui’s “blog”


The Bunnies In the Burrow

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This is the first time that I’ve done a very long (13 days) countdown to something. It’s been 2 weeks of actively posting and thinking of materials to write for the countdown. There were times when I don’t feel like doing the countdown anymore but I guess the excitement of finally seeing daddy bunny got me going. And the thought of finishing something that I’ve started.

The last 2 days have been a busy, emotional and jet-lagged period that’s why this post is just coming in today… (excuses, excuses ;)) It was fun to watch Yui playing with her dad while sitting on his lap. It was fun telling stories in the wee hours of the morning.

The Bunnies

The Bunnies with our newest addition to the family: Buzz and Jessie

Finally, the bunnies are all in burrow. It felt good to finally be complete. 🙂

Countdown to the Thirteenth: 2 Days

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It is the weekend. The last weekend of waiting. And the sun’s finally up! Woohoo! 🙂

The bunnies are not new to this waiting game. When I was still preggy with Yui and while waiting for our little baby bunny to come out, Uncle AC bought this for her. These are Yui’s first ever pair of socks. And they still fit!

Bunny socks

2 bunnies waiting

Looking back, there were 2 bunnies- daddy and mommy- waiting for baby bunny. Now, 2 are waiting yet again for another one. After 2 months of travelling, the daddy bunny is hopping back home. Can’t wait! 🙂

2 Days

2 Days: effort na effort sya sa sign na ito:)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

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This week’s photo challenge: Wrong, brings a lot of different perspective and approach from bloggers. I remembered this photo that I took from a memo plastered in elevators around the condo. It was sort of a facepalm moment for me as soon as I saw this.



Our condo administrators are notorious for posting memos with wrong grammar but this is just…WRONG. I’m not sure who erased that word in the memo but I hope it’s not the admin people. I mean, if you knew there’s something wrong with your memo, wouldn’t you reprint this and avoid embarrassment? Well, it can also be that they didn’t see anything off with this and just posted away.

Until now, I’m not sure if there is a Sunday mass, as there’s no further notice. Maybe, we’ll just be surprised. 🙂

Countdown to the Thirteenth: 4 Days

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Last night, in the midst of the pouring rain, electricity went out. We took this as an opportunity to play and bond even in the dark. It was also a great opportunity to play some of my childhood games. Totally old school. Totally fun.

1. Shadow puppets – We had fun playing with our shadows even if the only decent one I can do is a bird. LOL! We even became monsters and rabbits.

2. Nanay Tatay – It’s a Filipino hand game that’s really popular when I was a kid. Although Yui can’t grasp the exact hand gestures yet, it was a good way to practice our counting.

3. Shatong – We played an improvised shatong using Yui’s markers. We played it with Yui just hitting the marker off the ground and making it fly across the room.

4. Pick-up sticks – Again, we used markers to play “pick-up sticks“. It was sort of a fail since the markers keep rolling away from each other so in essence you can pick them up without moving another marker. Haha!

In the end, it wasn’t about winning or playing the games with the actual rules but more of introducing Yui to games that don’t require swiping or tapping a finger on a screen. 🙂


4 more days ’til daddy comes home. We can actually count it in one hand. Cool! Can’t wait!

4 Days: Waiting in the dark

4 Days: Waiting in the dark

Countdown to the Thirteenth: 5 Days

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The sun peeked a little bit this morning. We thought this is the start of good weather conditions but I spoke too soon. The downpour started again after lunch and now accompanied by thunder and lightning. Yikes!  The flood waters barely subsided and now it’s going to go up again. While rescue operations are happening, Filipinos worldwide are joining forces to help the victims of this calamity.

We can all help by donating supplies to the victims or through Red Cross. Twitter netizens are also helping out including  the #reliefPH and #rescuePH hashtags. Even Google has the Person Finder and Crisis Response project.

With all the flood water and rescue operations images all over social network sites, these images are the highlight of my day:

Recycled Rescue Boats

Recycled Rescue Boats: Less expensive than rubber boats and making good use of the main cause of this flood… trash.

Hopefully, PAG-ASA is right in saying that the rains will stop by tomorrow and that there will be good weather in the weekend. Only 5 days left until Daddy Bunny comes home…I’m hoping for sunshine when he lands in Philippine soil.

Pray for the Philippines

Countdown to the Thirteenth: 6 Days

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This is such a depressing day to do the countdown. I’m in such loss of words that I can’t think of any other topic aside from the calamity. The heavy rains and the flood all over Metro Manila are just heartbreaking.

With torrential rains inflicting the metro since yesterday afternoon, we feared that this will be yet another “Ondoy“. Since early morning, I’ve been online monitoring the flooded areas, auditing team resources (mine and daddy bunny’s since he can’t text from the US), and reaching out to friends and family. Living in the higher floors meant that I can’t immediately see what’s happening outside or how really hard the rain’s falling. Thank goodness for social media, we are updated all the time.

One of the greatest help since yesterday is the MMDA twitter account. The team continuously updates everyone on flooded areas and traffic situation around the metro. Ms. Noemi Dado also tweeted these photos of floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Through this latest calamity, you would again see how Filipinos are willing to help others despite the calamity hitting their homes and families as well. Kudos to the rescue teams and places that helped give shelter to the affected families and pets.

Rescue Operations
Rescue Operations

They say the rains are to continue this evening until tomorrow and with this we should all be prepared. This image of the hotline numbers are from my facebook timeline. For our reference.

Emergency Hotlines


Hopefully, the rains would stop soon and that there won’t be another round next week when Daddy bunny comes home. 😐