6 Blogging Years

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This month marks my sixth year of blogging experience. I can’t believe I’ve been writing online for this long. Happy 6th to me! Yay! Anyway, I never really considered myself to be a hardcore blogger as I’ve been doing this on and off for the last six years. I’ve tried several blogging platforms already and looking back it seems that I’ve been making a new one for every stage in my life. My blogs seem to each have a theme and whenever I move on to a next stage, I create a new one. Now let’s look back at my blogging history and reminisce the good old days. 🙂


BLOGSPOT: http://meleshia.blogspot.com/

The Bunnynose

I’ve started blogging in 2005 pala but since this site only has 2 entries (and a 3rd one to redirect to the new blog), I wouldn’t really consider this to be an official site. Through the links in the right navigation, you would see what kind of things I was into back in ’05. TipidPC, The Sims, and hey, Friendster! This was the gaming era.


LIVEJOURNAL: http://meleshia.livejournal.com


My LJ was “live” for 2 years and I would say this was my J-Pop, JDorama, anything Japanese addiction days. You would see posts mostly about Arashi, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango and even other topics like travels, UAAP and some personal entries. This is also the site where the Tales of a Commuter series started. There are a lot of great memories from this site and it’s nice to revisit and read the entries once in a while but my all-time favorite post from LJ is the Geek Coffee incident. 🙂


MULTIPLY: http://meleshia.multiply.com/journal

Preggy Mommy Bunny

Live from 2007 to 2009, I would say that pre-marriage and early family life is what this blog is all about. I’m happy to have chronicled these things for moments like this. I can reminisce all the exciting experiences in my short life like the time that I didn’t know how to work a coffee maker in Chicago, the big announcement of the upcoming addition to the family, Yui’s birth story (I still get overwhelmed everytime I read this), and the times that I started to exclusively pump and fill our freezer with pumped milk. Oh the joys!


WORDPRESS: https://thehoppymommybunny.wordpress.com/

And now we’re down to this. The Hoppy Mommy Bunny. The joys, pains, ups and downs of being a mother to Yui are in here. For 2 years now, this site has several adventures already including trips and travels of our family, reviews of food and places and most importantly, my life as a mommy bunny. It’s not easy experiencing these things and then blogging about it. There are always a lot of blog-worthy topics and experiences that I encounter daily and the biggest challenge is getting online and writing about it. It takes time and effort but as they always say, “No Pain, No Gain”. This blog still remains to be a non-profit, purely personal journal and I’m happy about it. As it seems that my role as a mommy bunny is in for a long haul, it looks like this blog will be live for quite some time.

I wonder what the next stage, next platform will be? 🙂

The Mind Museum Exploration

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The family’s trip to the Mind Museum was not only driven by our curiosity but has an emotional reason as well. As it was going to be 40 days since Aileen passed away, we wanted to have an activity as a whole family. Suggestions such as swimming came in but we finally decided on going to the Mind Museum. We know Aileen would have been happy as well since this was in her bucket list.

The Mind Museum
We are never too old to be curious
The Mind Museum is considered the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. It was just completed last December 2011 and is located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tickets are valid for 3 hours unless you get an all-day pass. Personally, I think the 3 hours is enough if the place is not jam-packed. I heard that it can get really crowded during the weekends so the museum advises people to purchase their tickets ahead of time to confirm booking since they only sell limited number of tickets per schedule.

Despite it being a weekend, there wasn’t a big crowd when we visited the museum. I’m not sure if it was because the schedule is 9AM on a Sunday morning or because it was the much-anticipated and heavily-contested Pacquiao vs Bradley match. Maybe the latter. But anyways, I was pleasantly surprised to have the museum almost all to ourselves. 🙂

Upon entering the museum, you will be directed to the introduction hall where a robot named Aedi welcomes the visitors. After Aedi’s short spiel, a tour guide (known as the “Mind Movers”) will also give additional reminders and information regarding the different pods in the museum. After that short introduction, we are free to roam into the 5 galleries namely: The Story of Earth, The Story of Life, The Story of the Universe, The Story of the Atom and The Story of Technology.

Aedi the robot

Aedi the robot

The great thing about the museum is that they have a huge number of interactive exhibits. One will really learn a lot from the different interactive activities in each of the gallery. Visitors are encouraged to touch and try out the exhibits which is a progression from old museums where exhibits are just placed in caged, cordoned area.

When travelling with children, you will have to cater your tour to their interests as well. Yui is now in a stage where even little things such as flies can scare her. When we were at the museum, she got so overwhelmed that she was begging us to go home almost as soon as we came in. The evolution of man exhibit scared the life out of her. And even though she loved her starry glow in the dark ceiling, she wouldn’t go near the Planetarium. I had to leave her with daddy bunny, several feet away, just to venture into the gallery for some time. Even though she was pleading us to go home, we still insisted on checking out the rest of the museum. Our handy dandy diversion tricks were very much useful this time. 🙂 So although she was whimpering at the first floor, she soon was enjoying all the exhibits at the second floor, where the Story of Technology is located. Another proof of how much she love technology. I lost count into how many times we placed our bag in the X-ray machine and how long we “danced” the binary code of Yui’s name.

The Story of Life

The Story of Life: One of the things that scared the hell out of my little tot

The Story of Technology

The Story of Technology: Yui’s favorite place

There are some things that disappointed us as well. For one, I did not think the museum is THAT big. Like I said,  you can enjoy the museum if it’s not too crowded. If it is, then your time will be spent waiting on queues to the exhibits. Another one is the COLD air in the hand dryer in their restroom. I appreciated that it looked like the hand dryers in Japan, but it’s the first time that I experienced a hand dryer blowing cold air. I assume there is a setting on those things and am surprised that nobody complained about it yet. With all the mind movers that they have around, there should be at least one person that knows how to configure those things. Or maybe it’s all part of the experience. 🙂 And lastly, with the steep entrance fee, they should be maintaining their exhibits religiously. It’s sad that some of the exhibits are not working anymore or are starting to break down given that they’ve just recently opened the museum.

The Story of the Atom

The Story of the Atom: I just love their periodic table!

Outdoor Science Park

Outdoor Science Park: Water + Music + Math = FUN

All in all, we still had a great time at the Mind Museum. It is a great learning place for kids and kids-at-heart. I would still recommend it to everyone so you can experience the interactive exhibits your self. That’s one item crossed out from the bucket list. Now, I wonder where we’re off to next? 🙂

Diary of a Working Mommy Bunny

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Being a working mom is not easy. Regardless if you have a full-time 8-5 office job, a flexible work arrangement or a work at home mom, juggling work and family is never easy. It is but natural maternal instinct to take care of your family after work, on rest days or even when you’re at work. Despite the sacrifices and adjustments we have to do to make ends meet, I still find joy in having a full time job.

Prior to motherhood, I didn’t even think that parenting and team leading are alike in so many ways. Maybe it’s just me but I find it amusing that my style in dealing with my team works well even with Yui. 🙂



When there’s conflict between resources, we try to meet in the middle to find a win-win situation for both parties. Almost always, there is something that will be acceptable for everyone. Same goes when dealing with a hard-headed tot. Trying to find a middle ground works wonders in keeping peace in the house. My all-time  favorite example would be bathing. I want her to take a bath now. She’s busy playing. I ask her to bring her toy (just ensure that it’s plastic) to the bathroom and “wash” it because it’s dirty. She bathes. She plays. Win-win. 🙂


Reward good behavior instead of punishing the bad. Most of the time.

I make sure that whenever there’s something missed in deliverables or a mistake is done, the lesson is taught to them. I try my best to be firm yet civilized. As a parent, we don’t spank our child as punishment. We tell her the mistake in a stern, loud voice and sometimes give her a time out. Just as I don’t shout and embarrass my team in front of everyone. I also believe that rewarding or just simply acknowledging good behavior helps build a more adept individual and in the long run create a more harmonious relationship between us. I want them to grow up with high self esteem, knowing that they did something good, and in return give more to the team or the family.


Foster independence.

When I was starting out as a team lead a few years ago, I had a hard time delegating tasks to my teammates. Call it trust issue, but if I don’t see you skilled for it, I won’t entrust it in your hands. As I grow into the role though and eventually have a little one to “lead” at home, I learned that you have to sometimes take a leap of faith. There are things that you have to let them handle by themselves. By doing it on their own, they learn. They may make mistakes along the way, but they will learn. The important thing is that I’m there to guide them when they need it.


Life is a continuous learning process so my knowledge and techniques in dealing with my team and my family won’t end here. I’m sure there will be other styles that will work both at the office and at home.


Do you have any tips for raising children and “raising” a team? 🙂

Things That Make Me Smile

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May has been a rollercoaster ride for me and my family but as with any adversity we still have to find some things to lift our spirits and just make us smile. Here are some things that brought sunshine into my otherwise gloomy summer. 🙂

It always excites me to see the little one’s artworks especially as she’s more assertive in her drawings now and would insist on making them by herself.


Yui and her artworks


Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate.


Summer birthday


Sometimes issues at work can drive us crazy. But WE are crazier.


Relaks lang dre :p


One of the things that amuses me about Cebu is their number system on jeepneys. Since I’m not familiar with the routes, all they need to tell me is the jeep number and I’m sure to reach my destination.

Cebu jeep

17C. Just don’t mind the “bulokness” of this jeep ^_^


And of course, loving, happy and playful cousins always bring joy to my heart. 🙂


Cousins are LOVE 🙂

What made you smile today? 🙂

Take Me Back to Camotes

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One of the things that I was looking forward to this summer was our Cebu team’s summer getaway. The last time I was in Cebu, we went to Sumilon Bluewater Resort and had an extremely fun day. This time we decided on an overnight stay in Camotes Island. We were a large group this time consisting of about 24 team members and 10 guests including our kids. The group left Cebu Port 4 through a fastcraft that traveled 3 hours to Camotes Island. We were fetched by the resort crew and drove 45 minutes to Santiago Bay Garden and Resort where we will be staying for the weekend. Despite the long and tiring journey, our fatigue were immediately lifted by the picturesque view.

Camotes Island

Santiago Beach in Camotes Island
Photo credit: Suzzane Arreglo

The deep blue sea

View from the resort veranda

After a quick lunch, we went for an Island Tour and our first stop was the Mangodlong Rock Resort. Since this is a sister resort of Santiago, we didn’t have to pay for the entrance fee. The resort has a nice beachfront with fine white sand and tropical huts that serve as diving spots. The team had a great time diving from those huts and rocks and the little ones spent theirs creating sand castles and sand “mountains” in the shade.

Mangodlong Rock Resort

Enjoying the white sands at Mangodlong
Photo credit: Edmar Banquil

Sandcastles in the Sand

Little girls playing in the sand

Tropical hut

One of the many huts surrounding the resort. Good spot for diving.
Photo credit: Suzzane Arreglo

Perfect dive

Perfect form 🙂

Our next stop was the Lake Danao Park. It’s sort of a resting pit stop for us since there was no swimming activity done here. We had a snack of Salvoro, a native delicacy that tasted really great! The team just spent some time taking photos and recharging our energy for the next stop.

Salvaro snack

Salvaro for merienda

Lake Danao Park

Group pic at Lake Danao Park
Photo credit: Shobe Jine

Lake Danao Park

One of the peaceful spots at Lake Danao Park
Photo credit: Suzzane Arreglo

Our last spot of the tour is the Timobo Cave. There is a P15 entrance fee to the cave and you have to wait for the previous group to come out before you can go in, as the space is limited inside. Going down the cave can be tricky as you have to walk a rocky stairway lit  sparingly by seemingly 5W bulbs along the way. Yui got scared a few steps going down so we had to go back up and wait for the guys outside. 😦 The group though had a blast swimming in the clear, cold waters of the cave. 🙂

Timobo Cave

Taking a dip in the cool waters of Timobo cave
Photo credit: Shobe Jine

After the cave escapade, we had to go back to the resort and skipped the baywalk tour since it was getting late. Santiago Bay Resort is designed with nature, its rooms are situated along the side of the mountain and you have to walk down stairs to get to the dining area and the beach. Early that Sunday morning, it was low tide and the guys had a lot of fun playing in the beach. There’s also an infinity pool where the kids stayed and had a blast. Unlike other pools, half of it is only about 2ft deep so the little girls can “swim” from end to end and were not stuck on one corner only.

Santiago Bay and Garden Resort

Santiago Bay and Garden Resort from the beach
Photo credit: Shobe Jine

Mountainside rooms

Standard rooms

Infinity pool

Santiago Bay’s Infinity pool

Santiago Beach in the morning

Santiago Beach in the morning

Beach fun

Super enjoy at the beach
Photo credit: Shobe Jine

It was a lot of fun and the whole team had a great time bonding and exploring. Hopefully one day, I can go back to Camotes with the whole family and enjoy the other great things that the island has to offer. 🙂


Camotes…I’m coming back for you ~~~
Photo credit: Chaddy