The ER Scare

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I’ve never been a fan of hospitals. I’m not the type that’s scared of the needles and scream at the sight of blood. It’s just that I don’t like the thought of going or staying at hospitals. It has some sort of creepy aura that can bring chills or in most cases get you lost in its ramps and annexes and main buildings. Unless probably if you’re in St. Luke’s Global where you’ll somewhat feel that you’re in a hotel. Nonetheless it still makes me uneasy.

Luckily, we’re able to stay out of hospitals for the most part. My first confinement was when I was 7 months pregnant then the next was when I gave birth. But this year is different. Just this January Yui got admitted and then this week it was my mom. Que horror! Both incidents required us to bring them to the ER. And both are because of vomiting.

It’s hard to imagine my mom that weak and helpless much less seeing her in pain. Those hours at the ER were full of discomfort and tension. It didn’t help that the staff were indiferent and lack TLC either.

Good thing it wasn’t that serious and I finally got a relief to know what’s wrong with her. I just hope we wouldn’t be going back to the hospital soon. I just might die. Or worse, faint.

Nanny TSI

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One of the great things about the company that I work with is the different communities that were created to cater to different hobbies or common interests of the employees. One of these communities is the Working Mom Organization where, you guessed it, all mommies join forces to share knowledge and experiences with other mommies.

Last week, we had this so-called Nanny TSI session during lunch. In our company, we have TSIs or Technical Skills Interviews with prospective employees and I found it amusing that we called this session a “TSI” because our main topic was how and what to do when looking for a nanny. It is rather timely to have this since we’ve been semi-actively looking for a nanny the past few weeks.

It was really nice to meet and mingle with fellow mommies in the office and share different stories and issues that are related to what I experience. We even use office jargons and apply them to our family lives and nanny talks. Really fun. 🙂

I’ve summarized what I learned from the session in a few items:

Horror Stories
There is never an outage of horror stories and even horror nanny stories is no exception. From nannies having non-GP experiences with their tots to stealing, lies, deception and negligence.  Just remember that we should know when a scenario is forgivable and when it is time to let go of a nanny.

We should know our requirements when hiring for a nanny. Identify our negotiables and non-negotiables so that we can set expectations with the nanny right away. We should also know our budget since they differ depending on experience too.

Nanny Rights
We’ve also discussed the Kasambahay Bill particularly the minimum wage, vacation policies, SSS, Philhealth and other perks that you give your helpers. It helps to see how the rates are with other families for comparison and what perks they give their nannies.

Success stories
Despite the horror stories, there are also a lot of success stories. Those that will make you feel ensured that your child is in good hands while you’re at work. One mom even said that her current nanny exceeds her expectations and that she’s very happy with how the nanny adjusted well with their family’s way of child rearing.

So it is possible to have a successful relationship with your nanny. Sometimes it just takes a bit of a trial and error to get the right one for your family. I hope that we will able to have our own success stories in the near future too. 🙂