The VT Playgroup

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We’ve learned about the playgroup last December when Teacher Deanne invited us to join. Without any hesitation, we’ve agreed to try it out so that Yui will have exposure to other children. Since we moved to the new place, she’s always stayed inside with grandma and only going out for errands. So we took the playgroup as an opportunity to gain friends. And not only Yui but even grandma gained new friends as well! 🙂

Being with the playgroup for a few months now, I can say that it has been a success. Here are some highlights of joining the playgroup:

  • Yui’s language skills improved tremendously – she can now say a lot of words clearly and even simple (2-3 word) sentences. It might just be the perfect timing for this skill improvement but I think being exposed to other people especially kids her age who talk also helped
  • They have arts and crafts lessons so Yui gets exposed to different arts and has started a collection of her artworks already
  • She’s learned new songs – action songs – in the playgroup. She memorized the songs already and even performs them to her titas when we meet them 🙂
  • We’re not really a fan of Barney and we managed to not introduce the purple dinosaur to Yui…until she joined the playgroup. LOL! We were surprised when one day she mentioned “Ba-nee” when she saw the Barney book given by her cousins.
  • Our social calendar is also busy nowadays with Yui’s activities, including field trips, birthday parties and even “graduation” pictorials. 😀

From artworks, to action songs, to baking classes and a future baby ballet class – I’m just an excited and happy mommy seeing my little tot grow up and bloom into a well-rounded toddler 😀


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